I'm trying to use the External Services feature to call a REST-based SMS API for the two-factor authentication of our Community users. (Basically recreating this scenario, but with an External Service instead of the Apex callout: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.securityImplGuide.meta/securityImplGuide/security_3p_sms_2fa_login_flow.htm).

For this I have defined the OpenApi schema of the service, created the named credential, the service and the flow. And everything is working fine, when I debug the flow as an administrator.

But, when I set it up as a login flow for Community users, I get the error:

Error Occurred During Flow "SMSTwoFactorAuth": Action name not found: (...)__Service

The action name is the auto-generated Apex action for the External Service I can see in the Flow editor.

Is there any limitation of the External Services, that they cannot be used by Community users? This auto-generated class does not appear in the regular classes list, so I can't e.g. add it to the list of class permissions for the community profile.


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Things might vary depending on whether you are using a real Login Flow, or a normal Flow on a Login page. When you are running a Login Flow, then you are not yet authenticated. So the user is, in fact, the Community's Guest User.

You need to give the following rights :

  • Community Site : checking "Guest Access to the Support API" might be useful
  • Guest User profile : "Run Flows" if it's a normal Flow
  • Guest User profile : add your Flow to "Flow access" it it's a normal Flow
  • Guest User profile : add named credential used in External Service to "Named Credential Access"
  • if by any chance you had Apex classes (eg SF controllers in some Lightning Components in your Flow), you should also add them to your Guest User profile
  • in a Login Flow, you might need to check "Render Flow in Lightning Runtime"

I hope this helps.

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