Is there any best practice or configs available to set API call quotas per Connected App so that Salesforce API call limit isn't exceeded?


No. You can run reports and determine which clients are using the most resources, but there is no way to enforce quotas to prevent this from happening. Note that API usage limits roll off hourly, so fixing/blocking an offending client will ensure that your org isn't down for very long.

  • Is there a way to block API Connected Apps from APEX when they reach certain point. For example scheduled job that checks api usage hourly? – pklochkov Aug 13 '19 at 8:04

You can implement a "quota" on the client (caller) side by looking at Sforce-Limit-Info header that is included by SF in REST and SOAP API responses. From docs:

Field values

api-usage — Specifies the API usage for the organization against which the call was made in the format nn/nnnn. The first number is the number of API calls used, and the second number is the API limit for the organization

  • I need to implement it on Salesforce side so it would be used generally for all connected apps – pklochkov Aug 13 '19 at 8:23

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