This question is the extension of THIS question. Posting again (with simplified code) as I am blocked in this issue.

Even for very simple form as below I am getting [object object] error.

<lightning:recordEditForm recordId="{!v.recordId}"
    <lightning:messages />

    <lightning:outputField fieldName="Name" />

enter image description here

This user has access to record, to field (editable ofcourse) and the field is on page layout.

Any other checks/directions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Just in case anybody faces this error, here is what we found and fixed the error.

  1. Created clone of that profile.

  2. Gave Modify all data and View all data permissions (thereby enabling dependent permissions).

  3. Then the user was not getting any error.

  4. Then again removed all the new permissions enabled including Modify all data and View all data to make this profile exactly same as old one (from which cloned).

  5. Now User has no problem and able to view data and error is gone.

This appears to be a sandbox specific bug (awfully strange bug though).

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