I have a sequence of 4 rules in one Escalation with slightly different criteria primarily based on country. It is set to escalate on either 24 hrs or 24 & 48 based on the country. Currently, the rule is ignoring lines 5 & 6 and doesn't seem to pass rule 1.

  1. Case Origin EQUALS Email CA,Email US,Email US B2B,Email US B2C
  2. Origin EQUALS Web Inquiry
  3. Account: Shipping Country EQUALS Canada,Mexico,United States
  4. Account: Billing Country EQUALS Canada,Mexico,United States
  5. Case: Status EQUALS New
  6. Case Record Type NOT EQUAL TO Account ACt,Account DEAC,warranty,Refund and Exchange))

(1 OR (2 AND (3 OR 4)) AND 5 AND 6)

Would it make sense to completely remove 5 & 6, as these should be default AND anyway? Thanks

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