I was trying to test sharing rules on a custom object: Record_For_Sharing__c

The object's organisation-wide default sharing setting is private for both external and internal users.

I added a sharing rule based on the owner:

From: Roles -> SomeRole
To: Public Group -> All Internal Users

And then created records from a user with the role "SomeRole"

The problem is that when creating a record, either manually or from sfdx, no internal users have access to the record. This was tried with users with licences "Salesforce" and "Salesforce Platform"

Also, the correct entries are created in the Record_For_Sharing__Share table.

When doing the same on a developer org, internal users do have access to the records.

Is this a known bug or is there something I am missing?


  • The default scratch org user doesn't have a Role. Did you assign the Role to your user before testing?
    – David Reed
    Aug 8, 2019 at 21:18
  • Yes, each user has a custom role. Aug 12, 2019 at 13:35

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Not sure if you got the answer you needed but this was confirmed to be a bug by SF.

Here's the link.


Another sample scenario is if you create a list view and share with internal users. It won't work either.

No ETA as per latest update. Workaround given is create a new public group with internal users on it or role.

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