I am trying to understand the custom iterators topic Custom Iterators

But there is a thing which I don't get.

There is a next() method which divides the query size into smaller ones, am I right? In the example below there would be several batches containing 8 records.

global Account next(){ 
   // 8 is an arbitrary 
   // constant in this example
   // that represents the 
   // maximum size of the list.
   if(i == 8){return null;} 
   return accs[i-1];

How is that possible to calculate how many records I want to have in one batch?


The batch size is specified in Database.executeBatch. Your iterator cannot choose or influence the batch size. See my answer on how batchable uses next and hasNext from a custom iterator to determine when it is done collecting values and how those values are collected. You could, however, return a list of records:

global Account[] next() {
  Account[] records = new Account[8];
  return records;

However, this would act as a multiplier to your execute method:

global void execute(Database.BatchableContext context, List<Account[]> scope) {

Where Database.executeBatch would determine the multiplier. For example, if we do:

Database.executeBatch(new CustomIteratorBatch(), 10);

Given the next method from above, each call to execute would include 80 account records (10 lists of 8 records each).

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