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user locale settings custom label view Also note that text within the images in communities home page is getting converted but not the custom label in the lightning form contained in the community.

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I have a requirement to show custom label in lightning component based on user's locale settings in SFDC.

When I open this form in community as that user(whose locale, language is changed to Japaneese) the label is still in English

Following is code in lightning component:-

   <div class="slds-col--padded-medium  field-wrapper">
            <lightning:input required="true" type="text" name="input1" aura:id="CompanyNameEnglish"
                             label="{!$Label.c.Company_name}"  value="{!v.account.Name}" disabled="true"
                             messageWhenValueMissing="Please enter the value." />
                <small  style="font-size: 8pt;color: #6b6d70;padding-left: 12px;" class="text-muted">
                    Please provide full legal name of your company

In translations of custom label, translations in Japaneese and chineese are present. Label is being fetched correctly, but in english. Need a way to show as per user's locale

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Adding languages to community was the solution after enabling languages in translation workbench and translations in requisite custom labels.

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