I've created a PB which notifies the case owner whenever a case they own is updated.

The issue is that I have a number of child objects (and processes) which update the case record when an action is performed so, for example, if an email is received whilst a case is in an 'Awaiting Customer Update' status then the following will happen:

  • A WF will change the status to 'Working'.
  • A cases status change record will be created and a roll-up summary field, on the case record, will be updated.
  • A 'Customer Has Replied' tickbox will be checked.

This results in 3 notifications being sent to the case owner.

To combat unnecessary notifications I have applied the following criteria:

(NOW() - [Case].LastModifiedDate) > 0.00069444444,

$User.Id <> '005D0000008gAFhIAM',

$User.Id <> [Case].OwnerId,

BEGINS([Case].OwnerId, "005"),

NOT(ISPICKVAL($Profile.UserType, "Guest")), 

NOT(ISPICKVAL([Case].Status, "Archived")),

NOT(ISPICKVAL([Case].Status, "Awaiting Customer Update")), 

NOT(ISPICKVAL([Case].Status, "Solved"))


However, neither $User.Id <> [Case].User.Id (don't send a notification if the update is performed by the case owner) and (NOW() - [Case].LastModifiedDate) > 0.00069444444 (don't send an update if the the case has already been modified in the last 1 minute) are working.

Any idea how I can make this work, please?

  • Update, I'd not taken into account that the following can be 15 or 18 chars in length so CASESAFEID() is required. CASESAFEID($User.Id) <> CASESAFEID([Case].OwnerId), – Gareth Kenna Aug 8 '19 at 12:50
  • What else do you do in you PB Flow, can you disable the "allow to run more than once per transaction" option without losing other functionality? – packo_cz Aug 11 '19 at 19:49

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