I'm new to apex and stuck with below test class issue. Below is my apex method

VF code that calls method1 through actionFunction and apex:param

<apex:actionFunction name="deleteRec" action="{!method1}">
    <apex:param name="param" assignTo="{!recId}" value=""/>

Method onLoad is referred in apex:repeat in VF page and displayed in the form of link. When the link is clicked, recordId__c(18 char) value is assigned to variable recId.

public class class1{
    public String recId{get;set;}
    public List<object1__c> recList = new List<object1__c>();
    public class1(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
        recId = '';
        varId = controller.getId();
    public List<object1__c> onLoad() {

        recList = [SELECT field1__c, field2__c, recordId__c FROM object1__c WHERE Case__c =:varId];
        return recList;

    public void method1(){
        List<object1__c> objList = new List<object1__c>();
        String recToDel = recId.substring(0, 15);
        objList = [SELECT Id, rec_ID__c FROM object1__c WHERE rec_ID__c =:recToDel];
            delete objList;

Note: value to recId is passed from VF page.

I'm getting System.StringException: Ending position out of bounds: 15 error while call method1 from my test class

public class testclass{
    public static void method1Test(){
        //Inserting Sample case rec
        Case dummyCase = new Case();

        testCase.Subject = 'testCase Subject';
        testCase.Description = 'testCase Description';
        testCase.Status = 'Closed - Solved';
        testCase.Language__c ='English';
        insert testCase;

        object1__c objRec = new object1__c();
        objRec.field1__C__c = testCase.Id; 
        objRec.recordId__c = 'Ka1234567890123';
        objRec.field2__C= 'abc';

        insert objRec; 

        String recToDel = objRec.recordId__c.substring(0, 15);
        system.assertEquals('Ka1234567890123', recToDel);

        object1__c objRec = new object1__c();                
        objRec = [SELECT field1__c, recordId__c FROM object1__c WHERE recordId__c =:recToDel];
        delete objRec;
ApexPages.StandardController sc = new ApexPages.standardController(dummyCase);
        method1Class controller = new method1Class(sc);
        controller.method1(); // Getting error here
  • Can you include the code where recId is set in your controller class please? I think that's the reason why you are getting this error. – Lance Shi Aug 8 '19 at 5:02
  • is recId a URL param to the page? – cropredy Aug 8 '19 at 5:05
  • I've updated both controller and test class code. – Ravi Teja Aug 8 '19 at 5:33

You need to manually set your rec1 variable in your unit test method.

Something like:

method1Class controller = new method1Class(sc);
controller.recId = objRec.Id;

Depending on what you want to test, you might want to set it to be a different sobject's id. But you got the idea here.

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