In the lightning documentation it states that I should be able to set a default value with the <option value=""> inside of a lightning:select. When I attempt to do this, my option value gets overwritten with a value within the campaignOptions list. Why would I not be able to display this as the default value and require the user to update to a valid selection?


<lightning:select aura:id="selectedCampaignId" name="selectedCampaignId" label="Select a Campaign:" required="true" value="{!v.selectedCampaignId}" onchange="{!c.isActive}" messageWhenValueMissing="Please select a Campaign">
    <!-- why is this being overwritten? -->
    <option value="">-- Please Select --</option> 
    <aura:iteration items="{!v.campaignOptions}" var="item">
        <option text="{!item.Name}" value="{!item.Id}" selected="{item.selected}"/>
  • Is the problem the value, or is it a mismatch between value on the select and the selected on the option? Aug 7, 2019 at 16:47

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You are missing the data binding ! in selected:

<option text="{!item.Name}" value="{!item.Id}" selected="{item.selected}"/>

It should be:

<option text="{!item.Name}" value="{!item.Id}" selected="{!item.selected}"/>

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