I have a synchronized Object from Salesforce, connected to Marketing Cloud through the MC Connector. However, some of those fields are empty, and I want to fill them through a Landing Page I created in Marketing Cloud.

I did an automation with an SQL Query so as to fill a Local Data Extension that merges the data coming from the Landing Page with the data on the Synchronized Object stored in Salesforce, filling a local Data Extension.

However, now I need to send that data back to Salesforce so as to populate that object. How can I do it?

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Short answer - no. The Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud sync is one-way only. Contrary to Sales Cloud to Pardot, which provides a bi-directional integration.

There is however a number of methods to update Sales Cloud records from Marketing Cloud using connector:

  1. Use AmpScript function UpdateSingleSalesforceObject to select and update a record
  2. Use Object Activity in Journey Builder
  3. Use Bulk API together with SSJS, to perform an update of multiple records from Automation Studio.

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