I added custom button from my case object inside, then i sent test mail its work but i want to use Html template, also i want to add my records from html templates for example "Hello Your Account Name "records[0].Account.Name" I couldnt took error message but Besides the i could took null mail

This is my Js Custom button code:

{!REQUIRESCRIPT ('soap/ajax/29.0/connection.js')} {!REQUIRESCRIPT('/soap/ajax/29.0/apex.js')}

var result= sforce.connection.login("---------","-----------");

sforce.connection.sessionId = result.sessionId;

var Query = sforce.connection.query("Select Id,Owner.Name,Owner.Id,Product__c,Origin,Account.Name,AccountOwner__c,Arizali_Urun_Seri_Numarasi__c,Priority,Status,RecordType.Name From case where id = '{!Case.Id}'");

records = Query.getArray("records"); 


var singleRequest = new sforce.SingleEmailMessage();
singleRequest.senderDisplayName = "Developer";
singleRequest.toAddresses= ["furkankuyular@yahoo.com"];
singleRequest.subject = "Test";
singleRequest.targetObjectId= records[0].Owner.Id;
singleRequest.whatId = records[0].Id;
singleRequest.templateId = "00X1w000000Splc";
singleRequest.saveAsActivity = false;

var sendMailRes = sforce.connection.sendEmail([singleRequest]);


if(sendMailRes[0].success == 'true') { 
alert("Finally it worked!."); 
} else { 

This is my success Log SuccessLog

This is my mailbox Mailbox

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