I am trying to write a test class for a Wrapper class. The wrapper class pulls one objects to make it as a checkbox list.

Could anyone help me to adjust the code I wrote below? I have written test classes before but have never tried with wrapper class


 * In addition, this class provides methods for displaying sObject Location__c
 * as a selectoption in checkboxes and latter to be included as an insert

 * @author:  Adnan Zahry
 * @Last Update: 05/08/2019

public class desiredLocationsWrapper{

    //this variable handles location list for which appear on visualforce as checkbox option
    public List<wrapperLocationCheckbox> LstWrp{get;set;}

    //this variable handles selected location and stored back into controller
    public List<wrapperLocationCheckbox> LstWrp_Selected;

    private Id TleadId;

    public desiredLocationsWrapper(){
        LstWrp = new List<wrapperLocationCheckbox>();       
        TleadId = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('what_id');

        String s; 
            s = [SELECT Country__c from TLead__c where Country__c != null and Id = :TleadId ].Country__c;
        catch(Exception ex){
            Apexpages.addMessage(new ApexPages.Message(ApexPages.SEVERITY.FATAL, 'TLead record does not have any country associated with'));

        List<Location__c> locList = new List<Location__c>([SELECT City__c, Id, Region__c FROM Location__c where Country__c = :s ORDER BY City__c asc]);

        for(Integer i=0; i<locList.size(); i++){
            LstWrp.add(new wrapperLocationCheckbox(locList[i]));

    //define the class for which we want to use the checkbox
        public class wrapperLocationCheckbox{

            public boolean checkbox{get;set;}
            public Location__c loc{get;set;}

        /*//Constructor with no arg
        public wrapperLocationCheckbox(){


        //Constructor with parameter
        public wrapperLocationCheckbox(boolean c, String S, Location__c l){


        //Another constructor with parameter
        public wrapperLocationCheckbox(Location__c l){

        public PageReference save(){

        List<Location__c> existingLocations = new List<Location__c>();
        LstWrp_Selected = new List<wrapperLocationCheckbox>();
        //iterate LstWrp collection and pass the values back into controller and assing them to LstWrp_Selected
        for(wrapperLocationCheckbox wrp : LstWrp){


        //Iterate LstWrp_Selected 
        for(wrapperLocationCheckbox wrp1 : LstWrp_Selected){ 

            DesiredLocation__c dloc = new DesiredLocation__c();

            /// for the new selected location, get the id from the object
            existingLocations = [SELECT Id, Name from Location__c WHERE Name =: wrp1.loc.City__c];

                dloc.TLead__c = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('what_id');
                dloc.Area__c = wrp1.loc.Id;
                dloc.Name = dloc.TLead__c + ' - ' + dloc.Area__c;
                insert dloc;


            PageReference pr = new PageReference('/'+ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('what_id'));
                return pr;
    public PageReference cancel(){
        PageReference pr = new PageReference('/'+ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('what_id'));

        return pr;

    //Return TLead list in search result form
            /*String keyword;
            List<TLead__c> tleadlist;

            public String getkeyword(){
                return keyword;

            public void setkeyword(String s){
                keyword = s;

            public List<TLead__c> gettleadlist(){
                return tleadlist;

            public PageReference showResults(){
                List<List<TLead__c>> searchList = [FIND :keyword RETURNING TLead__c(Name, Id)] ;
                tleadList = (TLead__c[])searchList[0];
                PageReference pr = new PageReference('/apex/incDLocationsTleadLookup');
                return pr;

Below is My approach in test class, I get only 59% coverage and some parts are confusing to me; enter image description here

enter image description here

public class desiredLocationsWrapperTest {
    public static desiredLocationsWrapper instance = new desiredLocationsWrapper();

    public static void dlocWrapper(){
        Tlead__c tl = new Tlead__c(
          Name = 'Test Adnan1',
          Country__c = 'ID',
          Lead_Source__c = 'Facebook Lead Ad',
          Mobile__c = '81380577103');
        insert tl;

        Location__c lc = new Location__c(
          Name = 'Ciomas',
          Country__c = 'ID',
          City__c = 'Bogor',
          Region__c = 'Jawa Barat');
        insert lc;
    public static void saveTest(){

        DesiredLocation__c dloc1 = new DesiredLocation__c(Name = 'daw', Area__c = 'a0H0D0000034IMx', Tlead__c = 'a030D000003LUyh' );
        insert dloc1;
    public static void cancelTC01(){
  • are you facing any issue here? Please specify – rahul gawale Aug 7 '19 at 8:28
  • Hi Rahul, I have edited my code and added some attachments hope this makes more clear, Im having problem to simulate in test class for this code line LstWrp.add(new wrapperLocationCheckbox(locList[i])); – Adnan Zahry Aug 7 '19 at 11:01

Add below things to your test methods

You need to set the current page for the test.

PageReference myVfPage = Page.YourPageName;

Then you need to add the URL parameter like below. First, query the country record and pass its value


Always try to avoid (SeeAllData=true), you delete it keeping @isTest only as it's not required. The reason you can find here.

Also, it's advised to go through the apex testing documentation.

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  • Hi Rahul, LstWrp.add(new wrapperLocationCheckbox(locList[i])); here I create object from wrapper/inner class then pass the values to LstWrp , this is the thing that still confuse me, how I put this in my test class, the wrapper class looks like this public class wrapperLocationCheckbox{ public boolean checkbox{get;set;} public Location__c loc{get;set;} public wrapperLocationCheckbox(Location__c l){ this.loc=l; checkbox=false; } } – Adnan Zahry Aug 9 '19 at 4:47
  • If you set what_id and create proper data it will be automatically called from the constructor desiredLocationsWrapper . Above mentioned code sets current page as YourPageName and then sets countryObj.Id as a URL parameter for the page. – rahul gawale Aug 9 '19 at 6:46
  • Thank you Rahul! – Adnan Zahry Aug 9 '19 at 9:25

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