I am doing a knowledge migration from an external KB into Salesforce. I was planning on doing the migration in multiple steps: first get the articles added and then do more updates to the articles using the ID. Problem is I can't query draft articles and their custom fields. If an article is published, I can query Knowledge__kav and get results. Problem is this object doesn't return any results. I can query KnowledgeArticle and see my draft articles, but it doesn't have any of my custom fields.

Looking at the schema, it only looks like Knowledge__kav has my custom fields.

Is there a way to query draft articles and their custom fields in Lightning Knowledge?

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Silly me. Looks like you need to include PublishStatus in the where clause See Salesforce Knowledge with SOQL and SOSL

So adding that, I can get Draft articles.

SELECT Id FROM Kknowledge__kav WHERE PublishStatus = 'Draft'

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