On the project we are using the Search pipelet to perform the product searches. Two of the pipelt`s arguments are the RefineByNamePrefix and the RefineByPhrasePrefix. They have the respective hard coded values prefn and the prefv.

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That allows to specify the filters in URL. One of such filters is a color filter. It can be specified, for instance, in this way: prefn1=hexadecBasicColor&prefv1=Black%7cYellow. But the color is a localized attribute, so the query from the example can also be written using the prefn1=hexadecBasicColor&prefv1=Schwarz%7cGelb.

And my question is how the Search pipelet knows what language is active right now and how can I change the currently active language for the Search pipelet? Or maybe there is a way to convert the prefn1=hexadecBasicColor&prefv1=Black%7cYellow to the prefn1=hexadecBasicColor&prefv1=Schwarz%7cGelb and vice versa?

In case I did not provide all the necessary info, please, ask me. I will be glad to provide it.

Thank you.

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