This question has been asked by few previously and i see the answers are not pointing to the correct scenario

I am having a need to deploy a new lightning home page and set it as default for the complete org across apps or profiles. In the UI i am able to do it with the 'Set Default Home Page' screen as below. You can see there are two home pages and i choose one, but i am not able to do this action via metadata api deployment. I see we have profileActionOverrides option which is set at app level but i have many apps and this needs to be set org wide and not at app level.

So is there a metadata tag i am missing which can set a new homepage as default or should i use profileActionOverrides and set the override in each app (have around 40 apps, which is a lot of workaround for a simple org default 😕)

enter image description here


Try the metadata in the Custom object itself, it should look like this:

    <comment>Action override created by Lightning App Builder during activation.</comment>
    <content>[Record Pages Name]</content>

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