I have written a SOSL query to search on a Custom Object and a Standard Object. When I am getting the results from it, then I am trying to store the value of fields into a set, to do a SOQL query using it. But I am getting error System.FinalException : Collection is Read-Only. Below is the Code,

Note: The code works fine in Anonymous Window.

I can not show the whole code here, but I can explain the flow. I am calling a method in which there is an API callout which is giving me a list of Phone Numbers.

I am storing the Phone numbers in a set hmPhones and after that, I am doing the operation mentioned below in the code.

There is no DML and also this code is not having any connection to Triggers.

Set<String> hmPhones = new Set<String>();


List<List<SObject>> searchResults = [FIND :searchKey IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING 

//hmPhones is a set already having some values before this operation

Set<String> targetPhones = new Set<String>();
Message__c[] msgs = searchResults[0].clone();
Contact[] contacts = searchResults[1].clone();
for(Message__c msg : msgs)
for(Contact con : contacts)
hmPhones.addAll(targetPhones);//Here I am getting the FinalException.

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