I am new to Apex trying to do some practice assignments and have gotten stuck on this junction object query.

Task: Edit the current getUser() method to do the following:

  • Return a custom object (that you define in the class) with the current getUser method's query data, and the list of teams the person belongs to (by querying the team assignments).
  • Parent Object 1: User (Standard Object)
  • Parent Object 2: Team (Custom Object)
  • Junction Object: Team Assignments (Custom Object)

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**Original Class & getUser Method**
global class CTI {
    global class CTIException extends Exception {}

    global static User getUser() { 
        return [SELECT Id, Name, ProfileId, Profile.Name, UserRoleId, UserRole.Name, Username 
                FROM User WHERE Id = :UserInfo.getUserId() ];

I have tried adding subqueries into my main query, but the verbiage tripping me up is the custom object defined in the class to be returned.