We have an application that loads Salesforce Lightning content into a WKWebView. We are using the Salesforce Mobile SDK in our app, and users are authenticated in their Orgs with OAuth per our connected app.

We recently came a across an issue with a third party Salesforce vendor. They also have a connected app that uses the Canvas API. They have a lightning component that can be added to an Account record. When our users try to view this lightning component in our app, they are getting an authentication error inside of the component. Is it even possible to run connected app components in a Salesforce Mobile app?

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    Yes, it's possible to have a Canvas app on mobile. Not an answer but a thought: if the Lightning component is using force:canvasApp, then it might be a Salesforce product issue or an implementation issue between SF and the component in terms of how they coded the auth flow. On the other hand, if they're embedding it via a VF page, then it's more likely to be an implementation issue. – identigral Aug 1 '19 at 18:42

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