Okay so I've read the answer here How do I set the log levels for force:apex:log:tail? as well I have read all the documentation I can find for the sfdx force:apex:log:tail command. And everything I have read says that if I specify the --debuglevel flag and give it the name of a valid DebugLevel in my target org the trace flag in the target org should be setup using the DebugLevel that I provided in the command.

Now the results that I keep getting is that the trace flag in the target org is always setup with the default SFDC_DevConsole DebugLevel regardless of what I specify the --debuglevel flag in the command to be. I am also seeing the same behavior when the target org is a production, sandbox or scratch org. I have updated my sfdx cli multiple times since I've seen this issue and am still seeing it on the current version I just updated to: sfdx-cli/7.15.3-c7d407d236 win32-x64 node-v10.15.3

So my question is there anyone else seeing this behavior? and or does anyone have an explanation why this may be happening?


After some further testing with the latest update to the sfdx-cli I have found the following:

When I run the following command I successfully setup a DebugLevel named CLI

sfdx force:data:record:create -u dev -s DebugLevel -t -v "DeveloperName=CLI MasterLabel=CLI ApexCode=FINEST ApexProfiling=NONE Callout=NONE Database=INFO System=NONE Validation=NONE Visualforce=FINEST Workflow=NONE Wave=NONE Nba=NONE"

Then I run the following command to setup a trace flag using the CLI DebugLevel

sfdx force:apex:log:tail -u dev --debuglevel CLI

On the first run of the previous command where I have no trace flags active for my user it seems the --debuglevel CLI is ignored and the trace flag is setup with the DebugLevel SFDC_DevConsole.

Now with the SFDC_DevConsole trace flag active if I run the following command again it updates the existing trace flag to use the CLI DebugLevel as expected.

sfdx force:apex:log:tail -u dev --debuglevel CLI

So it seems that the cli won't create a trace flag with the specified DebugLevel but will only update an existing trace flag to the correct DebugLevel which I can only assume is a bug with the cli.


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