I am creating a 3 x 4 tile grid that will list 12 banking products (checking account, mortgage, credit card, etc.) and will place this on the account object. The idea is that if a client has the product already, the tile will show Green, if they don't, it will be grey. Kind of like a quick glance ot was the client does and doesn't have.

I am in the process of creating the grid through Lightning Components now and have set up a custom object 'Banking Products' with the 12 different products listed as records.

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how I will for

  1. mark that an account have a product and then
  2. provide that information to the grid so it can be updated accordingly.

Would this be all done with components? Any guidance would help. This is my first project on my own aside from Trailheads.

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