I have a lightning component which fetches all the recordtypes of an object. The user kan select the desired recordtype from a picklist. How do I get the selected label or value in my controller. I tried below but this returns an empty label.


Select a Record Type<br/>
                    <ui:inputSelect aura:id="selectid">
                        <aura:iteration items="{!v.lstOfRecordType}" var="rectype">                            
                            <ui:inputSelectOption text="{!rectype}" label="{!rectype}"/>
                 <lightning:button class="slds-button slds-button-#brand" onclick="{!c.createRecord}">Next</lightning:button>


createRecord: function(component, event, helper) {
    component.set("v.isOpen", true);
    var recordTypeLabel = component.find("selectid").get("v.label");
        alert('recordTypeLabel: '+recordTypeLabel);            
  • you used same value ({!rectype}) for both label and text, so it gives same value, if you use different value for text then only we can get by index – sdandamud1 Jul 31 '19 at 14:18

It cannot get label as its not present in it. But you can get selected value by using:

var recordTypeLabel = component.find("selectid").get("v.value");

Note: you will get label when you define label on it. You can say

<ui:inputSelect label="Some Label" aura:id="selectid">

Then component.find("selectid").get("v.label") will return Some Label

Important: It is recommended to use lightning base components (like lightning:select or lightning:combobox) instead of ui base components.

  • I want to get the label of the selected input. In you rxample I dont get the selected input or am I missing something? I want to get: label="{!rectype}" – Thomas Jul 31 '19 at 10:50
  • Value (text) and label are same in select options. So use value. It's same as label – salesforce-sas Jul 31 '19 at 10:57

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