Is there any possibility to create a constant for "this" in Lightning helper? I have tried the following syntaxis:

self : this,

initializeInputs : function(component, webLeadData) {}

But I receive the following error message:

Error:(1, 1) c.ddcm_quote: org.auraframework.util.json.JsonStreamReader$JsonStreamParseException: Invalid literal value [6, 12]: 'this'

  • you can use that in helper method not outside it. Jul 31, 2019 at 9:42
  • In each function of this helper I do the following: let self = this, and use this "self" where it is needed. I want to declare "self" one time outside of the function. Jul 31, 2019 at 9:43

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The reason you cannot do that is because that this will directly point to window. This is not allowed in lightning because of locker service.

Further Explanation:

helper or controller in lightning component are actually a part of closure function which would render like below in client machine:

(function () {
        const { $A } = window;

        return {
            "meta": {
                "name": "c$MyAuraComponent",
                "extends": "markup://aura:component"
            "controller": {
                "doInit": function (component, event, helper) {

            "helper": {
                "helperMethod": function () {

                "helperMethod2": function () {



So here when you add variable pointing to this in helper, it will directly refer to window. Hence it will not even compile.

Note: However, when you define this inside helper function, its not a problem as function is scoped and lightning framework will take care of referring to helper functions.

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