I have a few emails in Email Studio (I don't have any classic emails). I would like to use the API (either SOAP or REST whichever works) to get the email template. Then after that, I will make another call to SFMC to get the data of a subscriber which is saved in a data extension and use this data to fill up the info in the email template. I know how to retrieve data from a data extension using the API but I don't know how to get the email template using the API. Thanks!


Here's an example of something I've done before to retrieve the HTML of an email. I then combined the email code with data from a DE to create my own "preview" in a CloudPage. Adapt for your own use.

<script runat="server">

// Example of HTTP GET/POST to SFMC REST API to retrieve HTML of an email 
try {

    var authBaseUrl = 'https://YOURENDPOINT.auth.marketingcloudapis.com';
    var authEndPoint = '/v1/requestToken';
    var restBaseUrl = 'https://YOURENDPOINT.rest.marketingcloudapis.com';

    var emailID = '12345'
    var assetEndPoint = '/asset/v1/content/assets/' + emailID + '/channelviews/html';

    var authObj = {};
    authObj.clientId = 'YOURCLIENTID';
    authObj.clientSecret = 'YOURCLIENTSECRET';

    var contentType = 'application/json';

    var authReq = HTTP.Post(authBaseUrl + authEndPoint, contentType, Stringify(authObj));

    if (authReq.StatusCode == 200) {
        var tokenResponse = Platform.Function.ParseJSON(authReq.Response[0]);
        var accessToken = tokenResponse.accessToken;

        if (accessToken) {
            var assetReq = HTTP.Get(restBaseUrl+assetEndPoint, ['Authorization'],['Bearer '+ accessToken]);

            // zero means success
            if (assetReq.Status == 0) {
                var assetContent = Platform.Function.ParseJSON(assetReq.Content);
                // html of email
                var emailHtml = assetContent.compiled;
    } else {
        // error handling

} catch (ex) {
Write("An error has occurred: " + Stringify(ex));
  • Hey Josh de Blank, thanks for your response. It was the answer I was looking for. Just one small comment. We need to use assetID instead of emailID.
    – tkhuynh
    Aug 7 '19 at 22:29

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