I'm trying to create an Analytics report/dashboard to show all the activity types per Sales rep. Since they use Einstein Activity Capture, the emails are kept outside of standard Salesforce Activities, so we need to use Analytics to get the full picture.

When I try to filter on the Activity Type, it only shows me a short-list of picklist values to choose from:

enter image description here

I went to Object Manager -> Task -> Fields -> Type, and have a list of values that are not showing up in Analytics:

enter image description here

If it's being generated by the Task.Subtype, that field isn't an editable picklist (and you can't see the values via the Object Manager UI)


  1. Does anyone know what is generating those picklist values, and how to update them?

  2. I don't see any filtering options on custom fields. I created a custom Activity field to categorize all tasks, but it doesn't look like I can access/see that field in Einstein Analytics when trying to get the right metrics - is this true?

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