I am editing a community login page. I want to change the image which was used in the 'Rich Content Editor'. This component is retired. So we are editing the HTML version of it. enter image description here Here is the code of it.

<div class="header-wrapper"> 
 <div style=" margin:auto"> 
  <img class="nabef-logo" src="/NABEF_Logo_White-569342.png" /> 
  <div class="help-text">
    Help?  | 
   <a class="color-white" href="mailto:*****@*****">***@***</a> 
<p style="margin:auto;"><img class="sfdcCbImage" src="/NABEFregistration_1200x350b-153502.jpg" /></p>

In the above code, there is an image in the src tag. in that there is an image "/NABEF_Logo_White-569342.png". But I am not getting where it is added or from where it is fetched. How to find this image? Is there any alternative way to add this image?


You can upload your images as a static resources and then show them in communities following this method answered here:

How to include images from static resources in lightning components used in communities?

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