We're seeing some strange behavior when it comes to our LiveAgent case creation while using OmniChannel, specifically when a chat abandons before being routed to an agent.

It seems like Salesforce attempts to create a case (via the Automated process user) when a chat abandons, and I dont understand why that would be happening?

The way this is manifesting itself is that we have a process builder on Case record creation that checks the Record Type name and then executes some behavior. The case record type is null, I'm guessing because this Automated process user doesn't have an associated default record type, which then causes the process builder to fail. We could, in theory, add a bunch of criteria to every single workflow/process builder to look for a null record type name, but that seems excessive considering that no cases should even be created in this scenario.

Can someone explain why this might be happening or potentially suggest a more streamlined solution than updating all of our flows on the Case object?

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