I am attempting to put a custom lightning component into a flow, and I need a record collection variable. The problem is that I don't know what object the record collection variable is, and flows don't support the "Object[]" type. What can I do to make it dynamic, or is there no way?

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    Have you tried just declaring the type as List?
    – Adrian Larson
    Jul 29, 2019 at 13:49
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    Or as a list of SObject?
    – Phil W
    Jul 29, 2019 at 14:18
  • Apart from what Adrian and Phile have mentioned, there is a quite nice documentation explaining How Variable Types Operate in the Lightning Component Framework
    – Raul
    Jul 29, 2019 at 16:09
  • Using type List is not supported in Flows, otherwise I would try that. Does using type sObject[] allow me to use a record collection variable? Jul 30, 2019 at 14:05

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Lightning aura component attribute of data type Object has some bug - properties of Object does not update in some cases. Instead other types like sObject or Account or MyObject__c works fine.

Other completely generic data types which work fine are List and Map.

  1. List is array of any data type.
  2. Map is Key-value pairs of any data-types. It is better if key is of type String.

You can define the type as List and try.

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