I have an OAuth JWT Bearer token flow set up like this:

  • Admin approved users are pre-authorized
  • all profiles added to approved list
  • Relax IP restrictions
  • api, refresh_token/offline_access oauth scopes defined

It works fine for System Administrator, but fails randomly for Customer Community Login license user with: invalid_grant "user hasn't approved this consumer". Then it works, and after 5 minutes fails again.

It doesn't seem like I hit the login limit (from Setup -> Company Information related list: Customer Community Logins: Allowance 10,000 Amount Used :4,661 5/16/2019 7:59 PM)

There are a few similar questions out there but I still could not find the answer.

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The answer was the audience oauth parameter for community users must be community url, instead of test.salesforce.com on sandbox. According to docs:

The audience (aud) identifies the authorization server as an intended audience. Use the authorization server’s URL for the audience value: https://login.salesforce.com, https://test.salesforce.com, or https://community.force.com/customers if implementing for a community.

It was a bit misleading because using test.salesforce.com failed only sometimes.

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