I created a new quick action to Add a Note on the Account object, but even though I go to the Search layout/List this action is not available there.

Is it possible to do this? I would like to select several Accounts in the listview and add the same Note to them all in one go, rather than each one individually.


Create vf page:

<apex:page showHeader="false" 

        <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!selectedAccounts}" var="acc"  >
            <apex:column value="{!acc.Name}" />


recordSetVar will tell that it can be used in list button. Now apex extension class:

public class pocAccountController {

    private ApexPages.StandardSetController standardController;
    public List<Account> selectedAccounts{get;set;}

    public pocAccountController(ApexPages.StandardSetController standardController){
        this.standardController = standardController;

    public PageReference retrieveSelectedAccounts()
        Map<Id,Account> selectedAccountsMap = new Map<Id,Account> ((List<Account>)standardController.getSelected());
        selectedAccounts = [SELECT Id, Name FROM Account WHERE Id=:selectedAccountsMap.keySet()];
        System.debug('selectedAccounts => '+selectedAccounts);
        return null;        


retrieveSelectedAccounts is invoked directly on page. Now create a list button.

enter image description here

Then add it in search layout:

enter image description here

Now button is visible in list layout (any other list view except Recently viewed).

enter image description here

Clicking on it will get selected accounts:

enter image description here

List button can send selected records only to visualforce page currently. If you need to show lightning component, then you can use pageReference URL (lightning/cmp/c__myComponent) and pass the records Ids as parameters

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