Im trying to access my local folders using custom Formula'Hyperlink' function

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This is my formula Test Open = HYPERLINK("file:///" & Path__c ,"Go To"). When I click the link it gives blank Untitled Page


There are two issues here:

  1. Your path is not specified correctly for a file: URL, which doesn't use Windows-style paths. Your path would be, I believe, C:/Program%20Files/Sublime%20Text%203/changelog.txt (see Microsoft docs).
  2. Browsers are unlikely to open a file:/// link from a public web page without additional intervention from you (such as hitting reload or enter on the resulting blank page), as this would be a security risk. I've confirmed that Firefox behaves that way and I believe it's similar in other mainstream browsers.
  • Hello, it seems google chrome blocking the link , I tried this on Mozilla and i just need to refresh the page to display the local files/folders – Gavin Jul 28 '19 at 5:03

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