I'm pretty new to Salesforce development and I'm trying to wrap my head around Lightning App development.

Essentially I'm looking to setup a base application which will have a tab(ex:Admin)

So far I have done this:

  1. Created a SFDX project using the command line
  2. Authorized Org
  3. Created a lightning web component
  4. Deployed the source

This all works well now i'm going to Salesforce org edit a page and include my Lightning web component. All good.

But my doubt is if I want an custom lightning app let's call it as "FancyPants" and couple of tabs like Home,Admin. How do i create that because I do not want to deploy my lightning web component. I want to deploy an App with bunch of tabs(which will have lightning components) and objects in the background

basically i'm looking for File=>New=>ASP.Net kind of experience.

How do i do this from Visual Studio Code?

Thanks in advance!


You have to Create the Lightning App from Lightning App Builder then drag and drop the Components you need. Please follow this Trailhead module on how to Create a Lightning App. And check this module on how to Add Component to App in Lightning Experience.

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  • Okay once I Created an app how to make it in a codable format so that i can checkin my app to some source control so that i other developers can pull the changes and add their own features to the app – Umamaheswaran Jul 25 '19 at 8:25

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