Why can't I define journey exit criteria using attributes from journey data, instead of only attributes from contact data, which seem to be all that's available?

I ask because I need to use the attribute comparison feature, as shown here...


...in the exit criteria definition, to match up the ID of the record that is in the journey with the same ID of the record that is in a master DE (which has an attribute group in Data Designer), in order to only remove subscribers from the journey based only on that specific record (our subscribers and our records have a one-to-many relationship).

I see that journey data is available for decision split criteria. So why not extend its availability into exit criteria as well?

  1. Using decision splits to substitute for exit criteria is a relatively prohibitive method in this case, as the journey is already very complex, and so are the necessary exit criteria.

  2. Creating a new attribute group in Data Designer for every journey entry DE is also a relatively prohibitive method in this case (and extremely duplicative) because we have hundreds of journeys, and every journey's DE has the exact same list of attributes.

I have read these below and am still not reaching the precise answer:


As for the question of "why" is only something that someone from SFMC Product Development team can answer to.

Point is that this is not possible at the moment, although there are some requests posted to Idea Portal, so you're definitely not alone with this requirement. All we can do right now is just vote for the ideas and make some noise to our SFMC account executives.

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