Is there a way to retrieve field API vs help text map or get the help text for fields.

String Field_Name=SObject.Field__c.getDescribe().getInlineHelpText();
 for(String fP: valuemap.keySet()){
                Object value = sc.get(fP); 
                mapObj.put(fP, String.valueOf(value));

valuemap.keySet() is having the api name which i am iterating. Giving error "Variable does not exist: Account.fP"

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    It looks like you know the method getInlineHelpText(), which is how you obtain this data point. What specifically are you struggling with? – David Reed Jul 24 '19 at 12:48
  • yes i can get the help text of perticular field but i have to create a map of api name and help text and i dont want to put getDescribe inside the for loop while checking keyset from other map to get the key as api and value as helptext. – Edward Jul 24 '19 at 13:28

You'd want to start from the field map and describe the fields:

Map<String, String> helpTexts = new Map<String, String>();
for(SObjectField field: SobjectType.Account.fields.getMap().values()) {
    DescribeFieldResult des = field.getDescribe();
    helpTexts.put(des.getName(), des.getInlineHelpText());
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