I need to Integrate Salesforce with Oracle Platform (Create Account in Salesforce when its created in Oracle platform). I researched and understood that It could be done by API Callout methods.

Could someone help me with links/docs for Salesforce Integration using callout.

P.S : I have no knowledge in Coding, A basic step by step study material will be really helpful.


What you are looking for is REST API and not callout.

  1. Callout - when salesforce initialises the transaction and sends/gets the information to/from external system. Here external system has to implement API/endpoint so that salesforce can access
  2. Rest API - When External system initialises the transaction and sends/gets the information to/from salesforce. Here salesforce should implement API/endpoint so that external system can access exposed salesforce resources.

You can create apex method as below:

    global with sharing class AccountService {

        global static String doPost(String name,
            String phone, String website) {
            Account account = new Account();
            account.Name = name;
            account.phone = phone;
            account.website = website;
            insert account;
            return account.Id;

Before doing this you need to setup Outh - authorization.


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