Is it possible to establish a Goal in a Journey based on the % of Open / Clicks / etc of an email within the journey?

I see a Goal can be only set based on Contact Data, so I was thinking in create a Data Extension with the information of the Data Views to store that information in a field (e.g. boolean) updated periodically.


Using the solution described in your question (having a helper data extension that contains the goal attainment data written by an automation) should work, if you consider the following:

  • Make sure your helper data extension has a 1:1 relationship to the subscriber and is connected to the data model in Contact Builder / Data Designer
  • If your entry mode allows for multiple entries, journey builder won't distinguish between the individual journey entries of one unique subscriber
  • Run the automation setting your helper data extension regularly so you have accurate data every time a contact approaches an activity where your goal attainment is of importance
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  • Okay, thanks for the quick response. The second point is not really clear to me. Does it mean that this approach doesn't work for a journey in re-entry mode? – fromero Jul 23 '19 at 7:30
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    At least you wouldn't be able to have different goal results for multiple entries (if they are present at the same time). If the re-entry is set to "only after exiting" and you make sure the helper DE only contains the most recent data, this will work fine. – Markus Slabina Jul 23 '19 at 12:43

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