I created a scratch org, made some custom objects and adjusted custom tab settings. I pulled it and pushed it to a newly created scratch org. However, my custom tab settings is not applied and I have to manually go to Setup -> Users -> Profile and adjust the custom tab settings manually.

I have seen a solution from this post, but I don't have .profile-meta.xml. Adding 'standard-' on my standard__LightningSales.app-meta.xml, and I got a push error:

In field: tab - no CustomTab named standard-CustomObjectName__c found

This is the content of CustomObjectField__c.field-meta.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CustomField xmlns="http://soap.sforce.com/2006/04/metadata">

How do I get custom object/tab settings so I don't have to set it manually every time I created new scratch org? My goal is to create a batch script to create a scratch org with all the custom objects and the records.


If you're working with scratch orgs, best practice would be to create a Permission Set that grants access to the custom tab / custom object, and auto-assign it after the scratch org has been created with:

sfdx force:user:permset:assign -n MyPermissionSet

As far as pulling Profile permissions into your local machine, try:

sfdx force:source:retrieve -m Profile:Admin,Profile:My_Custom_Profile,CustomObject:My_Custom_Object__c -u MyConnectedOrg
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    Permission set is what I am looking for. Thank you!
    – user2018
    Jul 23 '19 at 12:30

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