I would like to know if this method exist in JS




        <lightning-input name="Month" label="Month" onchange={handleMonthChange} value={month}></lightning-input>

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You can use like below: Standard attributes are generally not rendered directly on elements in HTML (as LWC will modify elements at run time). So, add data-name attribute.

<lightning-input data-name="Month" name="Month" label="Month" onchange={handleMonthChange} value={month}>

Now, you query it as mentioned below:


Here you are getting lightning-input tag with data-name attribute as Month. To use class name you can use ".class-name". Ofcourse there is no need of data-name attribute if you have single lightning-input in your component. But if there are multiple inputs, then this.template.querySelector("lightning-input") will return first lightning-input. So better to have data- attribute for unique identification.

Further read: https://salesforcesas.home.blog/2019/07/16/lwc-selectors-identification-of-elements/

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