I got the next message from SF :

Hourly limit exceeded for processing workflow time triggers.

I read that the limitation for Enterprise Org is 1000 per hour. ( https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=workflow_limits.htm&type=5 )

When I entered to /services/data/v45.0/limits From the workbench I saw a very strange thing :

enter image description here

but when I went to Setup => Monitor => Time-Based Workflow, I saw 196 rows but none of them are Time-Dependent Workflow. Its Immediate Workflow.

So I don't really understand where it's coming from and why I see limit of 50 at Workbench while 1000 in SF Limitation Docs...

What I didn't understand here correctly?


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May be the confusion is there : Everything you can see in Setup => Monitor => Time-Based Workflow is in fact a Time-Based workflow. Immediate actions won't appear there.

Do you, by any chance, check the limit against a developer org? Developer has a limit of exactly 50 Hourly Time Based Workflows. If you encounter this problem on Enterprise Org and it only processes 50 workflows / hour I recommend logging a case to SFDC, check this link : SFDC Case for workflow action limit

  • Hi, Yes, a developer Org had the same Limitation. BTW - On Setup => Monitor => Time-Based Workflow I saw that every hour its take only 50. I logged a case to SF but since it is pretty urgent, I raised the question here as well. Thanks!
    – Salvation
    Jul 21, 2019 at 15:36

Somehow there was a mistake at SF and we got a limit of 50 on enterprise edition, but they fixed that quickly :)

enter image description here


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