I'm using a Partner Developer Edition org to develop features for a managed package (which resides in a different org).

According to the Winter '19 Release Notes, Developer orgs should have the Dev Hub option available if they're not using a namespace.

My Partner Developer Edition org doesn't have a namespace, but I can't see the Dev Hub option in Setup, which is preventing me from using Unlocked Packages to push new functionality to other orgs.

Question: Am I missing anything, or maybe Partner Developer Edition orgs by definition don't have the Dev Hub option?


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From the Enable Dev Hub in Your Org article, it implies that you can only enable Dev Hub in the Partner Business org:

Partner trial orgs signed up from the partner community have different scratch org limits. See Scratch Org Allocations for Partners. Partners can create partner edition scratch orgs: Partner Developer, Partner Enterprise, Partner Group, and Partner Professional. This feature is available only if creating scratch orgs from a Dev Hub in a partner business org. See Supported Scratch Org Editions for Partners in the ISVforce Guide for details.

(You can only create scratch orgs against a Dev Hub enabled org, and same with unlocked packages)

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