I'm using a Partner Developer Edition org to develop features for a managed package (which resides in a different org).

According to the Winter '19 Release Notes, Developer orgs should have the Dev Hub option available if they're not using a namespace.

My Partner Developer Edition org doesn't have a namespace, but I can't see the Dev Hub option in Setup, which is preventing me from using Unlocked Packages to push new functionality to other orgs.

Question: Am I missing anything, or maybe Partner Developer Edition orgs by definition don't have the Dev Hub option?


From the Enable Dev Hub in Your Org article, it implies that you can only enable Dev Hub in the Partner Business org:

Partner trial orgs signed up from the partner community have different scratch org limits. See Scratch Org Allocations for Partners. Partners can create partner edition scratch orgs: Partner Developer, Partner Enterprise, Partner Group, and Partner Professional. This feature is available only if creating scratch orgs from a Dev Hub in a partner business org. See Supported Scratch Org Editions for Partners in the ISVforce Guide for details.

(You can only create scratch orgs against a Dev Hub enabled org, and same with unlocked packages)

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