I just configured a Salesforce Data Entry Event in a Journey and after running some tests I would like to delete some fields from the entry data step (those are not mandatory and were checked manually previously).

It seems the checkbox is blocked so I cannot unchecked it, how can I achieve it?


For Salesforce Data Entry Events there is no way of editing the entry source configuration currently.

The only way of "modifying" it is:

  1. Create a new journey version
  2. Delete the Entry Event
  3. Configure a new Entry Event
  4. Re-configure all activities using data of that event (decision splits for example)

A Salesforce Data Entry event is only editable as long as it isn't part of any journey or journey version:

NOTE Salesforce entry sources, including the Salesforce Data, Campaign, and Community entry sources, are only editable when no other journey or version uses them. You can't edit the object that a Salesforce entry source uses to decide who enters the journey. To choose a different object in a Salesforce entry source, delete and recreate the entry source.

(Source: Marketing Cloud Documentation - The Salesforce Data Event)

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