Here's the problem I need to solve. Let's say I have added 'Tesco' as a contact in my SalesForce. Over the years I have added hundreds and hundreds of notes detailing my correspondence with them (every email that is sent back and forth is saved as a note, as well as other things). Let's say I want to know whether at any point the word "spam" has been mentioned in the notes for this contact. How do I do it?

At the moment there only seems to be a "global search" option which would let me search for the word "spam" across all contacts, but I just want to search within that contact, and return a list of notes which mention the word. Is this at all possible?


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I am not totally sure about that but in my oppinion the only solution is SOSL query.

try something like

FIND {Spam} IN Body
RETURNING Note (Name WHERE (Id = someId)

Also this might be helpful

  • Can you elaborate on that and/or give a sample SOSL query that illustrates the principal?
    – Mike Chale
    Commented Feb 4, 2014 at 15:56
  • Thanks for your answer. I am not familiar with SOSL. Where would I use this query? Could I paste this into the global search, or is this more at the database level? Would this return a list of notes where "spam" had been mentioned? Also, how would I find the ID of the customer I wanted to search on? Commented Feb 4, 2014 at 16:08

How about a SOQL for your problem?

This is the anatomy of the note object,


  1. If you want to search only title of the note

You cannot use body of the note in the where clause as it is a textarea. So if you want to find spam in title, here is the SOQL for you.

SELECT id, title, body, ParentId from note where title like '%spam%' and parentId = 'Your contact id'
  1. If you want to search body also,

Run this in as anonymous code block,

for(Note mynote : [SELECT id, title, body, ParentId from note where parentId = 'Your contact id']) {
    if(mynote.body.contains('spam')) {

Hope this helps!


Basically - what BOSS_Force and Birthus are saying is that you have to write a custom VF page on the Contact record to get that information you are asking for. You can create a VF page and then embed it into a page layout.

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