I am learning about knowledge articles and came across this two.

  • In Setup->Quick Find, I can create a new article type, let say FAQ in Knowledge Article Types.
  • However, if I go to Setup->Object Manager->Knowledge->Record Types, I can also create a FAQ type for Knowledge (I followed a trail in Salesforce trailhead about creating a new type called 'How To' for Knowledge Articles).

Are these two options the same or different and if so, in what ways?

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Knowledge Articles are individual articles. For example, it might be how to fix a widget or run a report. This is similar to how you'd say that a record is an Account or a Contact. It is a specific instance of an article that contains information.

Knowledge Record Types are to define different types of articles, such as "How To" or "Troubleshooting." You can think of Record Types as different categories of articles. They have different layouts and can contain different fields. Each Knowledge Article is a certain Record Type. This is similar to how you'd say that a record is a Business Account or a Household Account--the same base object, but having a different layout and different fields.


Also, if you click "Enable Lightning Knowledge" in Knowledge Settings, article types will not be available any more. All further configuration should be done by Record Types.

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