I am getting error saying variable SBQQ__LineItems__r does not exist when I try to have values saved in the List with below SOQL on CPQ. What could be the issue here:

List<SBQQ__Quote__c> qte = [SELECT Id, Name, Installation__c, (SELECT Id, Name, SBQQ__ProductName__c FROM SBQQ__LineItems__r ) FROM SBQQ__Quote__c WHERE Name = 'Q-10427'];

LIST<SBQQ__QuoteLine__c> skulist = qte.SBQQ__LineItems__r;
for (SBQQ__QuoteLine__c skuname: skulist) {
    System.debug('SKU Name: '+ skuname.SBQQ__ProductName__c);
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You are trying to reference an attribute SBQQ__LineItems__r on a List<SBQQ__Quote__c>, but this type does not have that attribute. Rather than referencing the collection, you need to reference a single record within it.

List<SBQQ__Quote__c> quotes = [/*query*/];
for (SBQQ__Quote__c quote : quotes)
    for (SBQQ_QuoteLine__c lineItem : quote.SBQQ__LineItems__r)
        // now you can manipulate the individual line items

Notes how we have SBQQ__Quote__c quote, so you know the quote variable references a singular record. Then we know that we can reference quote.SBQQ__LineItems__r safely using the child relationship name. Informative naming will often help you avoid confusion in your code. I highly recommend you use complete words and pluralize when using collections, as I have demonstrated above.

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  • This is great Adrian! Works now. Excellent advice on naming variables. Thank you. – Suraj Timalsina Jul 18 '19 at 0:35

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