I am looking for help writing an SQL query to find the data for who clicked on an email in a journey. I already know I can export the subscriber ID and a few other items from the tracking extract but I am looking to export all the information within the data extension (ie. Name, Address, DOB, ZIP, etc...).


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You would need to join the _Click Dataview to the DE that has the information you want to include

SQL Joins from W3 School

a basic example would be

Select a.name, b.click
from [DENAME] a
join _click b on b.subscriberkey = a.subscriberkey
where b.jobid = XXX

You can then also join the _Journey dataviews if you want to add where clauses to pull data from a single journey


Journey Builder sends are triggered sends. You can utilize the TriggeredSendCustomerKey with the Click Data View to query clicks from a Journey Email Send. You can then join on your data extension to add desired DE fields (Name, Address, DOB, ZIP, etc...) to your query results.


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