I used a marketing cloud template and I want to customize it with extra html (to make it render well on a specific email client). The thing is that when I click on code view > toggle 'show full html'> a lot of the code is locked (yellow area).

How can I unlock it?

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You don't. Marketing Cloud templates are locked for a reason - so that people not comfortable with HTML wouldn't be able to mess them up.

What you can do is copy the code and create a new, HTML-paste type of a Email and paste it there. This way you will be able to modify everything in the fresh code paste.

This is covered in the January 2018 release notes.

Show Full HTML Option

When editing a template-based email or the HTML for a template, there is a new option to see the full, compiled HTML. You no longer need to send a test of a template-based email or edit an individual content block to view the source HTML.

When selected, the full HTML of the email is displayed in a view-only pane on the left. A lock icon indicates that you can’t edit the HTML.

When editing template HTML, a new option at the bottom of the HTML editor lets you toggle to the “full” view of the HTML. You can’t edit HTML in this view, and block HTML is highlighted.

  • I tried above but not able to see blocks in editor and drag n drop features in HTML paste template? Commented Jul 15, 2020 at 9:55
  • It looks like a recent release prevents copying the HTML that is visible when viewing the code for a template... really really frustrating Commented Aug 24, 2020 at 18:48

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