I have some questions regarding Locales in SF & MC.

  1. What is the by-default locale in SF? And what is the API field name for Locale in SF?
  2. If the locale is populated in DE with the US & the mobile number is Australian number example: 61xxxxxxxxx. Does the contact will receive the message even if the locale is of another country.

Case Scenario: We are synchronizing data from SF to MC. Below are the fields we are focusing on mostly for sending message to the contact:

Id          - Text
FirstName   - Text
LastName    - Text
Email       - Email Address
MobilePhone - Mobile
et4ae5__Mobile_Country_Code__c - Locale

Contact belongs to Australia and has an Australian mobile number. But, after synchronizing data from SF, Locale is "US" instead if "AU".

What can be the issue for this & how to resolve this?

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