I wrote a lightning web component that includes a lightning-record-edit-form component. We are using PersonAccounts here and there are 2 RecordTypes on PersonAccount as well.

The Type__c field is a picklist, with Record-type dependent values. However, the values shown are always, 100% of the time, the ones belonging to the default RT for the user. Not even hardcoding the other RT Id in the record-type-id property makes them appear.

Does anybody have any clue as to what's going on?

PS: both the markup and the JS code are heavily abbreviated, I only left what felt relevant.

Markup (Only relevant part shown)

<template for:each={allPeople} for:item="person">
  <div key={person.email}>
    <lightning-record-edit-form object-api-name="Account" record-id={person.id}

    <lightning-input-field field-name="Name">
    <lightning-input-field field-name="PersonEmail" disabled>
    <lightning-input-field field-name="Type__c">
    <lightning-input-field field-name="LinkedInURL__pc">
    <lightning-input-field field-name="RecordTypeId" disabled

    <div class="slds-m-top_medium">
        <lightning-button variant="brand" type="submit" name="save"
                          label="Update Account">

Controller (only relevant parts shown)

get people() {
    return this._people;


set people(value) {
    this._people = value;

    let aggregate = [];


    for (let i = 0; i < this._people.to.length; i++) {

    for (let i = 0; i < this._people.cc.length; i++) {

    this.allPeople = aggregate;
  • 2
    I hard-coded record-type-id in markup for 2 person account record types and could see picklist value changing, There might be something else messing up. Probably person.recordTypeId is blank? or its should be RecordTypeId? Jul 16 '19 at 9:51
  • Hey there, the field that you see at the bottom of the form is displaying properly. So it’s not a casing issue. Did you try inside of a “repeat”? Jul 16 '19 at 14:40
  • Have you set a default record type in Personal Settings for the user ? Can you try removing it. Jul 17 '19 at 10:42

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