I have a requirement to me include standard find duplicates button in the visualforce page like standard save & delete buttons.

I have no clue either we need to create a custom button or there any standard functionality is available.

<apex:pageBlockButtons location="Top">
  <apex:commandButton value="Edit" action="{!URLFOR($Action.Lead.Edit, Lead.Id, null, true)}" />
  <apex:commandButton action="{!URLFOR($Action.Lead.Delete, Lead.Id, null, true)}" value="Delete" />
  <apex:commandButton action="{!URLFOR($Action.Lead.Convert, Lead.Id, null, true)}" value="Convert" />
  <apex:commandButton action="{!URLFOR($Action.Lead.Clone, Lead.Id, null, true)}" value="Clone" />
  <apex:commandButton action="{!URLFOR($Action.Lead.Share, Lead.Id, null, true)}" value="Sharing" />

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As per VF developer guide it would be FindDup

<apex:commandButton action="{!URLFOR($Action.Lead.FindDup, Lead.Id, null, true)}" value="FindDup" />

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