I am trying to create a web to case using Lightning-Input Date instead of Input tag. The date/time and ContactEmail is not getting populated into case object whereas all other fields in the form is being populated successfully.

Pls help me to fix this date /time population. Here is the code ,

   <legend class="legends"> Event Date / Time </legend> 
     <span >    
    <label class="lb"  for="00N0r000000OAQR" > Date: <abbr class="red">*</abbr> 
   <lightning-input class="front-padding"   id="00N0r000000O***" name="00N0r000000O***"  type="date">  </lightning-input>
    </span> <br>
       <label class="lb"  for="00N0r000000OAQW" > Start Time: <abbr class="red">*</abbr> </label>
       <lightning-input  class="front-padding"  min="06:00" max="23:00"  id="00N0r000000****" name="00N0r000000****"   type="time" variant="label-hidden" required placeholder="00:00" >   

enter image description here

  • how exactly are you attempting to "populate" those fields? its unclear how you are creating the records – glls Jul 15 '19 at 4:07
  • I am creating the record using web to case - POST method. I can create case with all the fields except these three fields date/time/COntactEmail. – Geetha Natarajan Jul 15 '19 at 4:39

in summer19 Release they introduce New Attributes for Aura/LWC input components. you have to use for date dateStyle and for time timeStyle to get what ever format you want

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